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Learn from the best STEP-BY-STEP

What's included ?

1:1 personalized mentorship

With Rick Leon James 

 The Q&A session is a premium offering designed to provide highly personalized mentorship and cater to the unique musical aspirations of each student. By offering these additional benefits, we aim to ensure that students receive tailored guidance, industry insights, and resources that empower them to excel in their musical journey.



Customized Lesson Plans :

A monthly live training group session with Rick  : an online group where we all get to share, be seen and celebrated and support each-other through life and biz challenges!


In-depth Analysis and Guidance :

During the Q&A session, students can bring specific musical challenges, compositions, or performances for detailed analysis.

TCKOB will provide expert insights, feedback, and guidance to help them overcome hurdles, refine their skills, and unlock their full potential.


 Musical Composition and Arrangement Support:

Students interested in composing or arranging their own music can receive personalized guidance from Rick. They can explore techniques, structures, harmonies, and develop their unique musical style under the mentorship of a seasoned musician.


Exclusive Masterclasses and Workshops :

As part of the Premier Membership, students enrolled in the Q&A session can gain access to exclusive masterclasses and workshops conducted by TCKOB or guest instructors. These special sessions delve into specific musical topics, advanced techniques, improvisation, or performance skills, allowing students to expand their knowledge and skills further.


Networking and Collaboration Opportunities:

Rick can facilitate connections with other musicians, songwriters, producers, or industry professionals in their network.

This opens up possibilities for collaboration, performance opportunities, and exposure within the music community.


Customized Learning Materials:

As part of the Q&A session, Rick can provide personalized learning materials, such as transcriptions, exercises, or practice routines, tailored to the student's specific needs and goals. These materials will serve as valuable resources to support their ongoing development and growth.

How it works ?

1:1 personalized mentorship is :

3 personnalized mentoring sessions with Rick Leon James over the period of 3 months.

Should you have any further questions or require more information, please feel free to reach out to us :

RLJ academy is excited to embark on this musical journey with you !


Receive all of this for  1200£

  • What is RLJ Academy ?
    RLJ academy is the online courses academy to inspire and uplift artists, creatives and musicians. It makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen video lessons taught by the world’s best artist.
  • How much cost the membership ?
    The monthly membership start from £120 and provides unlimited access to all courses and masterclass on our online plateform. The 1:1 coaching start from £600 included all the courses and masterclass on our online platform.
  • Where can I ask my questions ?
    If you have any questions linked to your RLJ Academy experience you can send an email to our support team at
  • How do I cancel my membership ?
    If you don’t want to continue and cancel your membership renewal, you must send an email to our support team at within 48 hours before the renewal.
  • What skill-level is required to subscribe to the RLJ Academy ?
    The RLJ Academy is designed for people at all skill levels. Your instructor will walk you through a structured curriculum with step-by-step instructions, but will also challenge you to go beyond the session content by exploring your own creativity. You will be able to gain support and up-level your skills by participating in an engaging community and by receiving meaningful feedback on your work from peers.
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